Logical Structure of Enterprise Human Resource Ecosystem Based On Self-Organization Theory

Ya-dong Wang, Lin Zhu


 Enterprise human resource ecosystem (EHRE) consist of different complex Structures with multifunction and deal with several types of organizational requests. The research about logical structure of EHRE is the basis of understanding EHRE, which can provide theoretical guidelines for enterprise managers. The objective of this study is to identify logical structures in terms of EHRE from the perspective of self-organization. This paper define the concept of enterprise human resources based on summary of researching of human resource instructed by ecosystem method. To enable a scientific proof of the self-organization of EHRE, the system openness, Equilibrium State, nonlinear function and fluctuation mechanism are proved as inherent mechanisms in EHRE. On this basis, the pattern with logical structure of EHER is put forward and elaborated, which provides theoretical supports understanding enterprise human resource structure deeply to make HR decisions for enterprise managers to adjust the structure of human resources more reasonable.


Enterprise Human Resource Ecosystem (EHRE), Self-organization theory characteristics, Logical structure, complexity

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