Xu Yuanchong's image translation of Chinese Poems through Cross-cultural perspective

Mengqi Gao, Yumei Ma


Chinese classical poetry is the treasure of literary translation, and image is the soul of poetry. Poetry translation is the difficulty of literary translation. Images of poetry contain rich cultural connotation, which increases the difficulty of poetry translation. Nowadays intercultural communication becomes more and more important with the tendency of globalization, the focus of translation studies transfer to culture from language. Cultural relativism holds that intercultural communication includes assimilating the external culture and exporting local culture. Because image contains abundant culture, the image translation effects the readers' understanding of the original work directly. As a master of poetry translation, Xu Yuanchong's translation provides new perspective and new ideas for the translation of image. From the intercultural perspective, the definition and relationship of culture and translation is discussed, the image of poetry translation is classified and integrated, and the translation strategies of image is explored based on the poetry translation of Xu Yuanchong. This thesis aims to find a basic rule of image translation of Chinese classical poetry.  


Poetry translation, image, Xu Yuanchong

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