Experimental Study on Optimization of Polymer Surfactant Agent After Polymer Flooding

Yanfu Pi, Li Liu, Xiaofang Yang, Nan Chen, Jing Wang, Yingjie Liu


Polymer surfactant agent flooding is an effective way of displacement after polymer flooding, there are many kinds of polymer surfactant agent in the market at present. This paper has made the typical physical model of core in view of the actual reservoir in Daqing Oilfield which is a typical onshore oil fields, and screened out two kinds of polymer surfactant agent which can meet the needs of actual development by using the method of static experiment and dynamic experiment, used the two kinds of polymer surfactant agent to observe micro molecular thread, analyzed the microscopic differences between the two kinds of polymer surfactant agent, carried out the study of injectivity in view of actual reservoir, combined with formation breakdown pressure and other parameters of actual reservoir to ensure the permeability of the reservoirs which can be injected and concentration of the two kinds of optimized agents, the study could offer actual guidance for the field experiment in Daqing Oilfield.


After polymer flooding, polymer surfactant flooding, experimental optimization

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