Dynamic Modeling of Parallel Mechanism Based on Particle System

Wei Liu, Longying Zhu, Binbin Jin


As the traditional Lagrange method which considers the connecting rod of the parallel mechanism as a particle, the accuracy of dynamic model usually tend to be low. So, a new dynamic modeling method based on particle system is presented for a kind of six pyramid parallel mechanism. Kinetic energy and potential energy of the platform are calculated in terms of energy, and the inertia matrix is obtained. On the premise of fast calculation speed, the connecting rod is considered as a particle system. Kinetic energy and potential energy of the connecting rod are calculated, and then the dynamic model of six pyramid parallel mechanism is established. To verify the correctness of the mathematical model, the prototype and its control system are developed based on dSPACE real-time simulation system. The comparative experiments are done according to a six dimensional trajectory task, and the force variation of the actuators which calculated by traditional Lagrange method and the method based on particle system are compared with the actual variation. The results show that dynamic model using the particle method can reduce error up to 60% compared with the traditional method; the research will lay the foundation for further application of parallel mechanisms in mechanical industry. 


Parallel mechanism, dynamics, particle system, prototype

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